exhibition view 俄羅斯國立新西伯利亞美術 2006
exhibition view 新樂園藝術空間 2005
Presence and Absence
I try to connect my images with Phenomenology, the philosophy I’ve been attracted to for the last two years, to present the world around me. Phenomenology tells us to “intuit” the world without prejudice and forejudgment, (also the turn "back to the things themselves,") and just purely describe the things in front of us. Then, the world will present itself to us.
My dear family members also present themselves with variations in different time. My niece, the first third generation in my family, I learn from the little girl to see the world with her point of view. My cousin, a typical high school student in Taiwan, who concerns a lot that the way he plays basketball is too sissy. My student Arnor, pursues the speed under water. My dearest dog Smoothie, the cutest pet loves me cuddling him so much.
Perception puts us in touch things in the world, and variations can take place in how we directly interpret the object that the world offers us.

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