《A Quiet Life》
18X26 cm
48 pages
ISBN: 978-957-43-7568-4
April 2020

“In the scenery, the feeling of the heart and atmosphere perceptible to the eye is also conveyed through her photographs. Hui Yu’s creative thoughts on the control of visual elements, the precise imaging of life situations make people want to come back and relive these shared moments again and again. “-- Ben Yu

"Apart from memories and experiences that could just as easily be yours or mine, a mother explores her relationship with her children and herself, sifting through the everyday snapshots of her life to reflect upon the intimate, heartfelt moments that are oftentimes so hard to express. Profound and striking, with a deep, lasting impact. “-- Shen Chao-Liang

Lo Hui-Yu’s debut album book, "A Quiet Life", took five years to shoot, documenting the growth of the twins whilst also capturing the oft overlooked scenery of Hualien. Among the portrayal of everyday life, it is a mother's exploration of her spiritual world.
With the twins out of infancy, I was gradually freed from the shackles of constant low-back pain and began to take the twins out to wander around in nature: picking up leaves, observing insects, feeling the breeze... Slowly, I recovered from the constant exhaustion that had shadowed me for two years, a period obscured by the sleepy haze of motherhood. Every time a baby cried, I could feel myself slowly being pushed to my limit, and I soon began taking pictures with my camera whenever the twins cried. Though I seemed serene on the surface, I was still riding out the waves of my emotions.

『 面對景物,心的感觸與眼所能見的氛圍,影像也知道。…惠瑜對視覺元素的掌控、生活情境精確的成像、靜動互錯的視覺韻律等創作上的心思,讓人想要來來回回的翻閱。』 ---藝術家 游本寬

『這本攝影集,除了是你我都可能有過的記憶或經歷,一位母親與孩子,與自己,最尋常私密的繾蜷話語,更是與那難以具體闡明,所謂純粹的影像力量的趨近與探索。』---藝術家 沈昭良

羅惠瑜首次出版攝影書《A Quiet Life》,歷時五年拍攝,紀錄了雙胞胎的成長,同時也捕捉了花蓮的日常風景,而在這些人與景當中,訴說的是媽媽的心靈世界。孩子脫離嬰兒期,媽媽也漸漸從終日腰痛的桎梏中解脫,開始帶著雙胞胎外出闖蕩,在自然中徜徉,撿拾葉子、觀察昆蟲、感受微風…。慢慢的,媽媽從兩年睡不飽的疲累中恢復,從聽到嬰兒哭聲就頭皮發麻的不知所措,轉變成孩子一哭便先拿相機拍照的淡定。媽媽的心境表面上看似平靜,內心卻是漣漪不斷。
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